The video player for all real movies and shows lovers on any Apple device.

Squire allow you watch your movies and shows instantly on any Apple device. Easy to install and use. Manage your library and get a beautiful and unified experience.

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Squire is a media center to stream movies and shows from torrents or local files

what is helper

Squire Helper (free)

It’s an always-running menu bar app. The brain where all the local video files or installed streams are processed and sent to the clients

what is mac

Squire for Mac

* Connects to a local helper for now.

what is ios

Squire for iOS

what is airplay

Apple TV

New native app for new AppleTV very soon!.

what is streams

Files are the past? We’ve got Streams

Streams are plugins for Squire that will let you stream instantly movies and shows from torrents. Read more about Streams or Download community-made streams*

* We can’t certify or endorse this website or any of the streams. It’s all created by Squire users and for Squire users. Use at your own risk. You need 64 bits CPU to use streams.

what is local

Add your local video files

Squire Helper will transform your files into a beautiful library, downloading data, imagery, soundtracks and subtitles for all your contents.

what is streams

Add streams

Chose yours from the community-made streams website and install with just one-click.

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Enjoy Squire on your Mac, iPhone or Apple TV

what is clients

I’m ready to download

squire mac

Squire for Mac

Enjoy Squire on your Mac! It also includes Squire Helper (free).

Download Squire + Helper
Requires OS 10.9+ and 64 bits CPU
squire ios

Squire for iOS

Stream all the content to your phone or iPad! Read more.

Download on the App Store
Requires Squire Helper. iOS 7+