Watch your movies and shows everywhere

Squire in your new Apple TV

Add your local video files

Squire Helper will transform your files into a beautiful library, downloading data, imagery, soundtracks and subtitles for all your contents.

Add streams

Choose yours from the community-made streams website and install with just one-click.

Enjoy Squire on your Mac, iPhone or Apple TV

Squire for Mac

Squire for Apple TV

Squire for iPhone

Squire for iPad

Transform your local files into a beautiful library and get an immersive experience. Enjoy full screen application and control it with your Apple Remote.

Squire takes advantage of the power provided by the new Apple TV and the big screen in your living room to create an absolutely beautiful experience.

Maximum portability and an stunning interface to manage your library. All the available content of Squire Helper in your pocket.

Watch your movies and shows in your gorgeous iPad screen without losing the portability of your iPhone. Awesome interface adapts to a bigger screen.

Squire Helper

It’s an always-running menu bar app. The brain where all the local video files or installed streams are processed and sent to the clients. And it's free

Opensubtitle integration

Get subtitles for your media on the fly with our Opensubtitle integration. Easy setup, select the subtitles you want to download in Squire Helper's preferences

Manage and keep your library updated

View your local library, identify content or fix missmatches. Your library and streams are automatically up to date and ready to stream

Apple Remote support

Squire works out of the box with Apple's remote so you can easily control it from your sofa. Open Squire by pressing Menu.

Airplay Streams or local files

The helper is used as a media server so you can enjoy all its contents in your Mac, iPhone or Apple TV.

* Requires OS 10.9+ and 64 bits CPU


With streams you can add new content from Internet sources like torrent, magnets or youtube links and enjoy them on the fly on Squire.

What is a Stream

How they work

Streams are plugins for Squire. They can be dynamic, which means they will be able to call APIs and get new content every time they get updated by Squire Helper; or static, with a list of links inside

Add streams and let Squire Helper get all it’s contents seamlessly to your library. You will get new movies and shows right where they should be.

What is a Stream

What is a Stream

Squire’s users have created a website where you can find streams to install. We can’t certify these streams or its contents , as they are entirely created by Squire users for Squire users

There’s a developer kit available for you in case you want to create new streams. Includes API documentation and templates to develop your stream. See on Github.